150 Natals

150 Natals (150 Christmases) is a series of wall pieces presented by Subodh Kerkar at the Museum of Goa. The narrative is that there’s an abandoned house that was repainted every Christmas throughout the different generations of the same family for 150 years. When the house was discovered, the paint on the walls was peeling off, holding different textures and colour layers around the house. These were then cut into pieces, mounted on wood and displayed at the museum.
Such an amazing gift!
Planets never collide – at least they shouldn’t.

We are masses of solids, liquids, gases and an intricate set of carbon atoms, simply, hanging in space and orbiting in our own galactic systems.

We’ve come too close on too many occasions – call it gravitational pull, call it rebellion, call it love. We’ve made our way in each other’s orbits, revolved around each other, waltzed around open galaxies, then watched the stars and moons go into gravitational frenzy while we sat at your porch as spectators of the miracle of life.

Then we’ve pushed each other into our separate orbits again and settled back in ours. Call it polarities, call it disengagement, call it cowardice – balance needs to be restored.



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